Thursday, July 9, 2015

5/17/15 Lost Dog!!

I love animals! The little creatures have a special place in my heart. All growing up, I had pets and enjoyed watching my neighbors pets. Never ever ever have I ever lost a pet. Until this past week.
Sister Kirkby and I had just arrive at a less actives house for dinner Saturday evening. We ran up the steps anticipating the scrumptious meal that waited inside for us. As we approached the door we heard an old man yell," Come on in but don't let the dogs out." I slowly opened the door and saw 4 excited fluffy pups fly towards the door. I immediately threw my hands down and my butt flew into poor Sister Kirkbys face. The next few seconds were are all blur. Sister Kirkby was shoving me in the door, the words "don't let the dogs out" were still being yelled at us, and I was practically crawling on the floor trying to make sure the dogs stayed in. In the chaos the most unspeakable thing happened. One of the dogs ran through my legs then out the door. Before I could say a word Sister Kirkby shut the door and was walking up the stairs. She had no idea a dog had escaped! I was in complete shock! How in the world was I going to fix this horrendous problem! I grabbed Sister Kirkby by the shoulder and told her we needed to take our shoes off. She gave me her"okay but your really weird" face and followed me back down the stairs. Our less active yelled at us and told us there was no need to take off our shoes because every square inch of the place had either been peed or vomited on. " We let a dog out," I whispered to Sister Kirkby! I watched as the color drained out of her face and her mouth hit the floor. " What are we going to do?"she whispered back. I shrugged my shoulders as we both ran back up the stairs and sat down. Images of a dead dog started to exploded in my mind when my amazing companion ask our host if we could grab" our phone" from the car. I have never been so grateful for a dumb phone! We quickly walked back down the stairs and outside. There was no trace of a dog anywhere. Ugh. My stomach dropped. I had lost this man's baby and was going to get the special privilege of telling him that "snowball" was out in the world somewhere smooched. I said a quick prayer and looked around the other side of the house. Miracles are real! I saw the dog by a bush and ran towards him. I scooped the obese dog up and tossed him to Sister Kirkby. We slowly opened the door and threw the dog back into the house. As we casually walked back up the steps it took every fiber of my being not to bust out laughing. We sat down and had a wonderful dinner!
Haha. Oh my goodness. Sister Kirkby and I had a hoot this week. We met a women who had 5 pet squirrels and 4 baby bunnies. 2 of the 5 squirrels were new babies that had lost their mom in a lumber accident. Baby squirrels are ugly little things. They look like hairless mice. But Sister Kirkby and I enjoyed looking at them.
Sister Kirkby and I found a new family this week. They just got married and are super elect. They are so prepared and ready for the message of the Restoration. We are super excited to see them progress.
This Sunday is going to be crazy. Sister Kirkby and I are both speaking in sacrament meeting, teaching gospel principles class, and teaching the lesson in Relief Society. Hahaha . My mind feels like its going to explode. Wish us luck.
Sister Sorensen

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