Thursday, July 9, 2015

07/07/15 From Sister Packard

Lets start with the fact that she's stinkin funny. And she hates her crazy curly hair. And every companion so far has taught her something to make her more "girly". I told her I'd teach her how to spit, and that was about all I could do for her.

Wednesday we went to the Nevins and shot whipped cream into each others mouths by spraying a blob on our fists then launching it into the air. It was fun!

Thursday was transfer day so we drove to Charleston and got Sister Campbell set up with her new little missionary, said goodbye to the departing missionaries, and then Sister Sorensen and I got going. Once again no one will meet with us and we're struggling to find new investigators.

Friday I had a bit of a non-functioning day. That was fun for Sister Sorensen..........I had hoped to go a little bit longer before letting her see that side of me, but, what can ya do? We're working together. And I have no doubts we're together for a reason. It's cuz she makes me laugh.

Saturday was a Holiday! There was a parade downtown that was pretty cool. They threw out so much candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were having a lesson with Pam when her Visiting Teacher called on accident, butt dial. But she came and picked up Pam for the parade as well. It was perfect for her. She might be getting surgery this week and it's making her nervous so it was exactly what she needed. We had dinner with the Nevins and used some cheapo sparklers. It was fun! Then we walked to the local park. It was gross to get hit with the wall of sunscreen and sweat. There were so many people. Three fields jam packed. And it was humid and hot! But everything was free. Free ice-cream, snow cones, cotton candy, hot dogs, etc. We found the shortest lines and got us some snow cones. We had to be home before the big fireworks started. But our neighbor had some VERY illegal fireworks we watched from our front porch. And they went off all night.

Sunday was a very special day for me. I fasted with a very specific question in mind and got a very specific answer. I love Sacrament meeting. We're continuing to explore and meet new people. We're continuing to find people who are ok with us coming back, but whenever we can find them...........UGH! No new investigators this week. But it'll get better. It always does.

-Sister Packard

1. Free snow cones.
2. President's interviews.
3. A patient companion.

1. My patient companion is a cleaner. Like, throw away everything in the house cleaner. Even my patience did not match hers. We'll find a balance :) I like stuff, options is a better word.

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