Monday, August 24, 2015

Teays Valley 08/23/15

Sister Michie and I get to stay together in Teays Valley for another transfer! We are so excited! God is really watching out for us. I feel privileged to be Sister Michie's last companion before she flies home in six weeks. She is exactly like Sammy so we get along great! We are very similar.
Sister Michie, Ashley, and their new investigator!
This week we got stuck in the rain. When it rains in West Virginia, it pours! We ran into a gas station and a kind man offered us free coffee. Hahaha. We politely said no and waited for the storm to end. It was overall a great week. 
I think the rain is bringing the frogs out. It was so fun to hold the little guy he kept making cute little chirps. We got to go see Mothman a couple of weeks ago. We had a blast. Sister Michie has poison ivy.  Yes, I gave her Benadryl. We were weeding and I assigned her to trim the tree while I weeded the garden. I feel super guilty so I'm buying her lunch today. I knew dad would be called into Scouts. I am glad he is happy. He will do great. There are a couple of Physicians Assistants in our ward. I really like what they do. I think I might look into it when I get back. I am wearing pearls. My ears do hurt. Maybe I will try the real stuff.

You will never believe what happened to me this morning. I locked myself in the bathroom! Who does that? Our door knob is pretty ghetto. We always have to use every muscle in our bodies to open the door. Well, this morning it wouldn't open. I tried everything to open the dumb door but it would not budge! So I started to cry out to my companion who I thought would come running to my aid immediately but I was wrong! I am pretty sure I sat in the bathroom for a good 5 minutes before Sister Michie heard my plea for help. She was washing dishes so she couldn't hear me. Ugh. Sister Michie begin to tug and pull and jiggle the door knob around but nothing worked. I thought I was going to die alone in our tacky 70's style bathroom! But I gave the door one more turn and it came loose! Thank heavens! The church is true! Haha. We are buying WD-40 today.