Monday, March 9, 2015


This week was fantastic! Ripley is a wonderful area filled with wonderful people. There is no place I would rather be! Sister Lopp and I are doing great. I am learning the importance of working hard every minute of every day. In Jacob chapter 5 the Lord commands us to work with all our might in the vineyard that we might"prepare the way" to bring forth fruit.
I love being a missionary and I love working hard. Everyday I want to labor diligently in hopes that one day good natural fruit will spring up. This fruit won't just be any fruit. It will be fruit that is more precious above all other fruit!
Guess what?!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Christofferson is coming to speak to us on the 21st of March! I am sooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!
On Monday Sister Lopp and I were driving out in the middle of no where looking for a referral when we came to this hill. It looked a little icy but I thought our little all wheel drive car could totally handle it. I was wrong. Way wrong! We started driving up and up and up when all of the sudden the slush turned to ice. Our car started to move backwards!!!!!!!!!! I may or may not have freaked out a little but poor Sister Lopp had a come apart and jump out of the vehicle. We spent the next 45 minutes backing up, moving forward, and moving sideways trying to get the car back down the hill. With time and a lot of prayer we made it down safely. No one was hurt and the car was just fine. Thank heavens. I told Sister Lopp several times that if the car went off the cliff I was going with it because I was not going to call our car czar and tell him I destroyed another car! Hahaha. I learned that there is a difference between all wheel and four wheel drive. Moral of the story is that I miss my truck!
On Monday I was looking through some potential investigators in our area book when I came across the name Eleanor. She was taking the discussions and was progressing really well but no one had taught her for a year. I got this feeling that she needed to be found and that I was the women for the job! So began our search for Eleanor. We had small clues as to where she was be no real address. So we looked her up in the phone book and it said she lived on orange road. We put the address into the GPS and it said that there was no orange road. We drove to 3 different gas stations and asked some local people but no one knew where orange road was. Finally we went to the police station and ask some super kind police officers if they knew where orange road was. They jokingly said, " We don't have any orange roads in Ravenswood. Only black ones." They called up dispatch and got directions for us but sadly the house was outside of our area so we couldn't go to it. My heart was broken. Sister Lopp and I had spent half of a day looking for this woman because I had a feeling to find her and we could not meet her. It just didn't make sense.
I am running out of time so I'll have to write you a letter with the rest of he story. It is fantastic! your going to love it!
Your Sister Sorensen

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