Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Birthday! 2/20/2015

It has been a little chilly this week. It has snowed and snowed and snowed! Like 6 inches!!!!! The world stops in West Virginia when it snows. Nobody goes out! They have these things called flurries here. Its where the wind picks up the snow that has already fallen and blows it in your face and up your skirt! It is not a pleasant feeling at all! Haha. Mercy, its gets cold!
This week was full of adventures! I drove the truck through a super deep river! We may or may not have almost got stuck and died. Sister Erickson almost peed her pants! It was a blast! I love driving a truck!! You can go anywhere and do anything! I am wise though! Safety first!!
On Monday I got a call from one of our investigators asking us to come over to her house because her cat had a wound that needed to be fixed. She knew I internshipped with a vet clinic for a VERY small portion of my life and wanted me to see if I could help the cat or not. So we get to the house and the cat has an open wound the size of a silver dollar!!!!! I have no idea what to do!!! I came on my mission to help people not animals!! Sister Erickson was totally grossed out and so was I. We irrigated the injury and put some neo on it. I then told the family that I had done everything I could but we needed heavenly fathers help too! So we all kneeled down around this dying cat and said a short but sweet prayer. The cat is still alive! Thank heavens!
So I had a sorta kinda had a traumatic experience this week. I was backing up the truck and I scraped a little bit of the paint off of the upper right side of the bumper. I lost all hope for a couple of minutes. We called the mission vehicle coordinator and he told us he would examine the truck at zone conference on Wednesday. I was freaking out!!! We super washed the truck and vacuumed the inside like twelve times in hope of softening his heart. The day quickly came and I thought I was going to vomit! During a break in the meeting I walked up to him to apologize for the damage. Before I could speak he shook my hand and told Sister Erickson and I that we had the nicest looking vehicle he had seen in while. The scratches were not super deep so he wasn't worried about them! I am so blessed! What a tender mercy!
This week was full of miracles. When it is cold the people don't like to go out. So we can knock on any door and someone will be home. We have picked up 7 new investigators this week! What a blessing! Our investigators are all progressing! I know that it is all because of God! I am so grateful to be serving in Flatwoods. The blessings are so great as well as the people. There is no greater gift than to get to serve Christ! I love ya.
Sister Sorensen

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