Monday, April 20, 2015

Sister Swanson and Sister Kirby....They always pronounce our names wrong :0)

Haha. That is what everyone calls me out here. Its like their lips wont let them say Sorensen. Most people just give up and call me Sister S or Sister Soren.  
Spring is here!!! Sister Kirkby and I did a ton of service this week. We started the week out by helping one of our members plant some Holly bushes in their yard. They have a soon to be teenage girl that they are afraid will try and sneak out of the house. They are putting in an alarm system and planting pointy Holly bushes by every window. Sister Kirkby and I kind of laughed. If a teenage girl wants to sneak out of the house she is going to sneak out of the house no matter what it takes.
The next morning we went to Sister Walters home and painted her nasty yellow shack into a beautiful gray shed. She was very grateful for the help and we enjoyed doing it. I have come to love yard work while out on my mission. There is nothing more satisfying then good hard work. And we get to wear pants! Yay for pants! I miss them. haha.
This week we were able to talk to our investigator Mike who recently got home from rehab. He is a great man who is ready to make some changes in his life. He is really upset about his past mistakes and wants to apply the atonement! He is an amazing example of never giving up and how it is never to late to change. Christ is always there for us! Arms open ready to give us a nice warm hug. I love you and hope your week goes well!
Sister Sorensen
Kasey Johnson's baptism.  Sister Erickson and I got to teach her when we were in Flatwoods!

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