Thursday, December 18, 2014

12/15/2014 Sutton, WV

This week was our Branch's Christmas party too. It was nice to take a brake from our busy schedule and just have a little fun. There are about 30 members in our tiny branch and out of those 30 members there are only two primary kids. Super small right! I love it. They acted out the nativity and recruited Sister Erickson to be Joseph. It was hilarious.
Thank you so much for helping me with Christmas. It is really hard to try and surprise your companion when you are with her 24/7. I love her! She is the best trainer ever. Thank you!
I got my gray sweatshirt! Thank you sooooooo much. I have been running 2 miles every morning in just a t shirt and shorts. It was cold. Really, really cold.
I do have an address for my apartment. It is...
Sister Ashley Sorensen
231 Days Dr.
Sutton WV, 26601
Tell Jeremiah that I love and miss him so much! I am so proud of all the things he is accomplishing! Everyone here in Flatwoods is so surprised that I only have one sibling and that I live in Utah. HaHa. Every time we teach about families or the plan of salvation I pull out the picture he gave me and share that I know families are together for forever. They love it!
My toe is great and feels so much better!
So I get to Skype you Christmas day!!!!!!!!! I'm o excited!!!!!! Plan on skypeing at 2:30/3:00ish. I will have a member text you when I'm bout to call you.
Life is good here in Flatwoods. We have 7 scheduled appointments on Tuesday! Sister Erickson and I are super excited!
I love you so much. I'll talk to you soon.
YOMO( you only mission once)
- Sister Sorensen

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