Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

This past week was wonderful. We had an investigator share his testimony during sacrament meeting yesterday. How cool is that! It was probably the best Fast and Testimony meeting I have ever been to. This week I learned how important it is to be specific in what you ask for in your prayers. How can God answer our prayers if we are not specific in what we ask for. Prayer is vital to an investigators conversion to the gospel. It is important that our investigators are specific in their prayers so that they can come to the knowledge that there is a God and that he has restored his gospel today.
This week was an exchange week. An exchange is where your companion switches with a sister training leader(STL). An STL is the equivalent to an assistant to the president but female style. I was super nervous. I wanted everything to go perfect! Hahaha. But of course it didn’t. HAhAh. Sister Combs and I started our day off in a Burnsville trailer park. No one was home! No one!!!! So I decided to try a women who Sister Erickson and I dropped because we could never get a hold of her. I cautiously walked up to her door and knock. The women answer the door and let Sister Combs and I in. We ended up teaching her the whole Restoration lesson and committed her to read the Book of Mormon. It was fantastic and we were able to pick her up as a new investigator. After we went and taught the Plan of Salvation to Crystal and she loved it. It gave her “hope,” she said. I love this woman with all my heart! She WILL be baptized before I leave Flatwoods! Sister Combs and I were going to go do more visits but we realized we had run out of miles!! AHAHAHA! How did I let that happen!!!! I may or may not have freaked out a little. Haha. After Sister Combs calmed me down and told me that everything was just fine we decided to make no bake cookies for my neighbors. But we didn’t have a recipe and I had accidentally left the phone in the truck so I ran outside to get it. Sister Combs waited on the porch for me as I ran toward the truck. I jokingly turned around and made a comment on how sexy I look when I run. Just as I said the word sexy I missed a step and totally did a mini flip in the air and biffed it hard. My skirt came up and over my head. The whole world could see my underwear including poor Sister Combs who was laughing/ screaming my name on the porch. Hahaha. I rolled over laughing and flipped my skirt down. Sister Combs came running passed me(Still screaming my name) grab the keys, got the phone from the truck, and came back to my side. I thought she had left me to die. HAha. Sister Combs helped me to my feet and back inside the apartment. We realized that I had been running so fast I gave myself road rash on my left knee and right hand. We laughed and joked that what was seen could not be unseen. HAhAh. We then made some no bake cookies and tried to take them to the neighbors but no one was home!!!! Again!! Well, I tried to have a perfect day but the Lord quickly humbled me. Sister Combs and I had a blast but I was very grateful to be reunited with Sister Erickson the next morning!
Yesterday was fast and testimony Sunday. A very old man by the name of Brother Ash stood up and shared his testimony. We have been teaching his grandson’s wife the lessons and they have made many a meal for us. We were able to attend their wedding the week as well. I love Brother Ash!!! He is amazing. Toward the end Brother Ash’s very touching testimony he said that he had learned something very important. He had learned that Sister Sorensen was addicted to potato chips and that she was a vegetarian. Everyone laughed so hard. I am so very grateful for him because now the whole ward knows that I am a vegetarian and will no longer feed me meat! He bragged about how he had made me the best vegetarian chill ever! I love him! Haha.
I love ya lots 
Sister Sorensen

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